Knowing how to manage your brand in the digital world is essential.

We’ll help you to create a good strategy taking into account the investment and the goals you want to achieve. Do you want to give a push to your project? Are you looking for new markets? Are you interested in your brand positioning? While you keep working with us your project will also be ours and thanks to the knowledge in various fields such as design, creating web pages, journalism or the same digital marketing, we’ll get a much more transversal vision.


To achieve this’ll meet with the management team of your company to work together and share knowledge. In addition, you decide how much you want to get envolved, stipulating a cost adapted to the services you are looking for.


Usually, this support takes certain time until, gradually, your own team can lift the flight itself. However, in many cases, our collaboration endures in a purely orientation and doubts resolution way

Brands like Tomàs Cusiné, Axeb Biotech, Comercial R. Consul, José M. Soler Inteligencia Financiera, Castell del Remei, Recibe una Sonrisa, Cérvoles Celler, Comadrona, Grupo Cuevas, SNK Center y Cara Norte Bodega count on Romeu Prenafeta to draw these strategies according to their visions.