Social networks, corporate blog, newsletter, web positioning...Do you think we are from another planet? Don’t worry, there are many brands that decide to outsource this service. Keeping permanent contact, we’ll convey what you want to say to the digital world. Shall we have a coffee?



Have you knowledge of digital marketing but you don’t feel at ease managing your brand? We will support you in the development and strategy of your company. The vision of a multidisciplinary team gives you new ideas to broaden the horizons of your brand. Do we chat?



We offer training in social media and digital marketing.We believe that to know how to use, manage and master the applications on the network is another way to give a hand to our businesses.You can choose private meetings or the Social Training program. Would you want to know more details about it?

Shall we have a coffee?



Our mission is to work and maximize online communication of our clients to achieve their goals. Be the right-hand, in digital marketing and management of socio-digital channels, of companies from Lleida and outside Lleida that want to meet their online needs, and also help to open new markets.



We want to be a Catalan reference brand in our territory, bringing added value to ourservices. To achieve it, we use a management model aimed at creating permanent opportunities.Thus, our customers will grow and develop their activities in an efficient and professional manner.


  • Empathy to ease the way of synergies.
  • Optimism, key for projects’ development.
  • Creativity in communication and advertising.
  • Constancy, elementary in our way of work.
  • Resolution to solve important challenges and critical points.
  • Horizontal view of the human structure of the project.
  • Mentoring of new talent